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Metaphysics asks the most fundamental questions about the nature of reality.


Theology is the study of the creator. Many think of God as something outside of the self, if they give any thought at all. More properly understood, we are within our source, the source of all that is... And so long as we are live, we are cells in the divine body. The life of each soul develops through experiences in these bio-body suits on earth, the womb of heaven. 


Cosmology is the study of the creation. While the standard model of the cosmos sees the total coherence of nothing exploding into everything, and winding down into chaos without meaning or purpose, yet randomly producing the phenomena of life and consciousness along the way. A missing piece of the puzzle is that consciousness is retrocausal. Time is not a one-way arrow. That is well documented in quantum dynamics. The human spirit is a quantum object demonstrating quantum dynamic function at a macroscopic scale of space and time. The creator, of which we are a fractal presence, is infinite in extend, and is the source of the coherence that we experience as a universe, a cosmological one-ness in which every particle, such as an electron, is governed by the identical natural laws.

Cosmological evidence points to an electromagnetically powered creation, with its source and sink beyond our ken... rather than a gravitational clockwork winding down... Electromagnetism is 38 orders of magnitude more powerful than gravity, and is consistent with all observations of the quantum world, while the theory of gravity is not. The theory of relativity is an elegant and sometimes useful fiction. The truth is that time, space and light are not bent by gravity, but rather that light is bent by densities of plasma. 


Ontology studies the nature of the created reality, including the causes, principles, essences, and interrelationships of being and becoming.

In order to fully heal ourselves, we must know who we truly are and what we are becoming...


Epistemology studies the nature of knowledge, from its origins and presuppositions (assumptions) to its methods, scope and validity...

This provides a foundation to the understanding and evaluation of cognition, logic and scientific theories.


Teleology is the study of meaningful purposes and the functional designs that are essential to serve those purposes... 

Time is pushed forward by the increase of randomness, which in physics is understood as entropy, a measure of increasing information. Time is equally drawn forward by increase of order, which is syntropy, a presence of order, coherence and meaning that can be seen in sentient, living systems as well as in the macrocosmos.


Aesthetics is the study of how we create value based on beauty, art and our sensory experiences... Aesthetics is a science of the heart. Aesthetics seeks unity with the divine through the experience of beauty.

As a vision scientist working to prevent and reverse blinding eye diseases, I understand how profound our vision is to aesthetics. Vision is our dominant sense as human beings. Two thirds of the electrical nerve current connecting our brains to the world outside comes through the two optic nerves. And while other senses are limited to our local earthly environment our vision takes us to the stars. We don't actually see with our eyes or the visual cortex of the brain. Studies in psychophysics show that we actually project our visual space world from a location called the cyclopean eye. The location of this single eye of the spirit is not defined by the anatomy of the body bio-suit, but rather sits a little behind the biological eyes, and closer to the eye that is dominant. We theorize that it is a structure made of condensates (a state of matter you can read about here) of the transition minerals, as patented by David Hudson, and the subject of modern alchemy.


Logic is the study of reasoning, laying the foundation for mathematics and providing a starting point for sound science, which is rare... Much of standard and conventional science begins with unspoken assumptions, which are hidden errors of logic. The magnificent castles which are built upon these foundations in the minds of many are the mental landscapes of scientism. Logic is a science of the mind. Logic seeks truth through thought and reason.

Explore the five common types of errors made in conventional medicine here... Logical errors of presumption or extrapolation are #3... 


Ethics is the study of our actions, and their consequences... Ethics is a science of action. Ethics seeks to define the narrow way that leads to paradise. The closer living saints-in-training get to hitting the mark of a virtue, the more acute is their awareness of any error. Sin means to miss the mark. We are all sinners... It is why we are here - to learn from our errors. The only real mistakes are the ones we have not yet learned from... All that is good is from the source of all goodness, so our mistakes are the only things in this life that we can uniquely claim as our own. And when we do, we are on the path...

Thus, the virtues are ideal standards of ethics with which to become familiar and for which to strive... Read more here (please allow about 15 seconds to load: patience is a virtue!)


Politics is the study of action extended to the inter-personal sphere... Politics can be a battleground between those of us who seek to serve alongside God's angels of beauty, truth and right action, versus those who choose to wield the powers of the demons of deception and destruction...

Within the realm of legal fiction, there are said to be two complete legal systems. One is man's laws, the laws of States, largely descended from Roman law, and the law of Hamurabi before that... These are the laws of war and of commerce. They are fundamentally adversarial. When Christ met Satan in the desert, Satan offered Christ all the kingdoms of this world... God's Kingdom is not of this world, but it is in it, as earth is in heaven.

The only other complete system of law is Canon Law, the law of the Church. Man's laws begin with the unstated presumption that the use of force is ethical when wielded by an organized group claiming a monopoly on the use of force within the geographical area they claim. Church law in contrast holds separation from the group as the highest punishment.

Whatever law operates in the minds of men, is remains a legal fiction in contrast to Natural Law, which is always operational, though not fully known by the mind of man...

Miracles of healing for example, are best understood as precious data points that can help us understand the fullness of Natural Law, rather than dismissed either as impossible and therefore false, or as exceptions to Natural Law and therefore beyond our comprehension.

Biophysical Terrains

The Bio-Body Suit: Physics, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Histology, Anatomy

Who We Are 

We are sentient beings from the future having our developmental experience in these Earthly bio-body suits.

Earth is the womb of Heaven.

We are cells in God's body.

Why We Heal

Healing is important because it is a process of spiritual growth.

Through experiencing processes of cleansing and repair, we develop our capacity to restore and promote a state of coherence.

On the experiential level this corresponds to the development of virtues.

The Sciences

Science is observation of the functional patterns of creation.

Science contrasts with Scientism, such as materialism, which has become a limiting belief system...

Scientism becomes another creation story or myth, no matter how intricate or intellectual, when it precludes or denies observations.

A theory can never be proven. 

A theory can always be falsified by observation, unless the theory is so far removed from the possibility of observation that it can only ever exist in the realm of contemplation.

Theories are useful within a certain operational range.

We can look at the range of sciences as an expanded spectrum of our senses.

With the aid of instruments to transduce energetic signals to fit the sensitivity range of our vision or other senses, we gain awareness of patterns otherwise imperceptible.

We use our minds to imagine the workings of creation, and build models of understanding, usually based in the cultural technologies of our day...


Built upon the foundations of Philosophy, Mathematics, and Metaphysics, Physics has developed as a profound model of the inner workings of creation that can take our minds into the very, very, very small dimensions of the strange world of quantum dynamics. 

Physics also takes us out into the ultimate scale of the knowable universe, and seeks to extrapolate back in time to envision our origins.

Physics is not a settled science by any means, however.

Quantum Dynamics is incompatible with the theories of Gravity and Relativity.

And the Big Bang theory of cosmological origin leaves many big questions unanswered...

Today, these standard models are frequently adjusted to accommodate unexpected observations, and there are many observations which falsify aspects of the models, yet the human mind, once it has placed a high degree of value in a faith belief, tends to blot out competing theories and even observations.

I prefer to consider observations dismissed as "theoretically impossible" and therefore dismissed as unpublishable "errors" by consensus journals.

For example, the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica that expands seasonally to cover Australia was measured for years, but dismissed as instrument error each summer, until one operator recalled and recognized the pattern.

I also consider it essential to entertain multiple theories to explain any given set of observations.

I look for theories with broader ranges of utility, and predictive value especially when that predictive value extends to a broader scope of observations, and even those observations that are dismissed by conventional thinking.


Physics is the root of the term Physician, and it is at the root of my primary diagnostic system, the Five Phases of Healing.

The fundamental measures of this model of the biophysical terrain are the concentration of protons and electrons, as well as the effect of energy quanta (photons) on ionization. 

At the sub-atomic level, these ions are the fundamental carriers of electric charge.

We measure the difference between life and death with the electrical oscillations of the heart (EKG) and the brain (EEG).

At the cellular level, the cell membrane potential is a prime indicator of the level of health of the cell, and its capacity to do work, including the ability to regenerate two functional cells from one.

This energetic level of health represents the conditions in the tissue equivalent to a petri dish in the laboratory.

In order to grow a pathogen, you must supply the correct type of growth medium in the dish.

A virus can only reproduce when supplied with very low energy "attenuated cells."

Bacteria and parasites thrive in a higher energy environment where there is still enough solar energy trapped in organic molecules such as damaged proteins to act as their food.

Fungi also grow on decaying matter at a similar overall energy level, but prefer a more oxidized (low electrons), acidic (high protons), and carbohydrate rich environment.

Pasteur won his argument with Bechamp in the mainstream of science about the primacy of the Pathogen versus the Terrain, but on his death bed unable to heal an infection by an organism that would have previously been innocuous, he is said to have realized his error, saying "Le Terrain c'est tout."


Biochemistry looks at the level of chemical compounds, which are simply mineral elements joined together by stable covalent bonds.

A chemical bond is simply a structural element formed by one or more electrons that share a relationship with two or more atoms.

What makes this relationship into a material substance is that the spatial pattern is coherent over time. 

Biochemical reactions occur when electrons change their relationship with the elements around them.

Each reaction requires a certain amount of quantum energy to form the reaction complex.

The function of enzymes is to reduce that amount of energy needed.

Enzymes typically use one or more vitamin or mineral to supply certain quantum energetic resonances to facilitate the energy transfer to the reaction complex.

Once the reaction takes place, the amount of energy associated with the bonding electron may be either higher or lower than it was previously.

When more energy is released, the reaction is exothermic.

When more energy is stored in the new bonding pattern, it is endothermic.

The overall pattern of these energetic changes in the body's fine structure tends to go in cycles between catabolic (breaking down structure with overall release of exothermic energy) and anabolic (building up structure, with overall increased storage of bonding energies).

Physiology & Pathophysiology

Physiology means function.

Pathophysiology is simply dysfunction.

Epigenetics is the response of the DNA to the cellular milieu...

Every cell has the same exact DNA sequences.

The difference between a hepatocyte in the liver and a neuron in the brain is which genes are active, and which are not.

The difference between a healthy cell and a degenerative cell is whether the genes of health or those of disease are being expressed in response to the health or disease of cell's surroundings.

Cancer cells are blinded to their location in the body by the build up of deposits of toxic darkness in an area of past trauma.

Only a few years ago, only homeopaths routinely recognized the significance of epigenetic patterns known categorically as miasms.

Miasms are patterns of genetic expression that can be transmitted from one generation to the next.

Because the DNA is an information field transmitter/receiver, healing a miasmatic pattern in one person can also transmit the healing signals to other generations as well.


Histology is the structure of the cells.

Structure is a fossil of function.

The significance of terrain can be seen clearly in the histological view.

For example, the theory that cancer is fundamentally caused by damage to the DNA is falsified by the microscopists observations.

Cancers do not start as a single cell and divide many times to eventually form a diagnosable tumor.

Rather, they start as hyperplastic tissue seen as overgrowth of cells over a volume of many cells in response to a stressed local terrain.

Then this subtle finding becomes more noticeable as a change in the histological cell structure as metaplasia (pre-cancerous).

Then the area of many cells becomes further deranged as neoplasia (cancer)

German New Medicine (GNM) observes these patterns in various tissues in relation to profound life stresses, and correlated stress areas in the brain seen on MRIs.

A physician who is not trained in GNM will completely overlook the MRI findings, dismissing them as an artifact if indeed the pattern rises to a level of visual cognition when looking at the films.


Anatomy at the organismic level, like the histology it is made up of, is a remnant of past function.

When function changes, the structure changes over time.

Function changes when energy patterns change, because every biochemical reaction that makes up physiology is an energetic change.

Energy is shifted through behavioral choices, so ultimately this causal chain begins at the level of consciousness.

We always keep in mind, however, that all of these levels affect each other.

It is not a one-way hierarchy, even though the function of consciousness of the spiritual entity that inhabits the body is primary initiator and regulator of change.

Interference at a material level, such as trauma or toxicity, certainly also impairs the functions of consciousness.


Mind & Consciousness: Psychophysics, Cognition, Will, Performance in the Dimensionalities of Time, and Space 

The Five Elements of TCM

One of the most meaningful models I have found to map the development of consciousness in its many forms comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Thousands of years ago, the philosophy of the mutual transformation of Yin (matter) and Yang (energy) was at the core of Taoist philosophy in China.

Tao (or dao) means the way...

This evolved into the five element theory in Oriental Medicine.

The five elements are inter-related in multiple ways, with the primary ones taught in TCM being a control cycle and a creation cycle.

The control cycle (negative feedback, like physiology) is Fire --> Metal --> Wood --> Earth --> Water

The creation cycle (positive feedback, like pathophysiology) is Fire --> Earth --> Metal --> Water --> Wood

Less known is the cycle of consciousness and its development, which is Metal --> Fire --> Earth --> Water --> Wood

Psychophysics of Perception, Presence

Psychophysics is the study of how we sense and perceive stimuli.

Sensation is the beginning of consciousness.

It represents energy patterns carrying information into the spirit to be incorporated into our awareness, like the breath carries paramagnetic oxygen and the raw paramagnetic mineral spirits (ORMUS, m-state mineral condensates) of the air into the lungs to be absorbed.

These 12 or so elements are a non-metallic form of the transition elements with similar atomic nucleus morphology to Palladium.

These nuclei have a strong resonance with the dodecahedral Platonic resonance of the Planck units that are the fundamental pixels of space, time and energy (i.e. the ether).

These Bose-Einstein Condensate-like minerals function with the properties of quantum dynamics even when organized into a macroscopic entity like the human spirit, the immortal vessel of consciousness.

These spirit mineral contributions to building the Holy Grail of consciousness are typically 4/9 non-local by mass at body temperature (based on patent data).

They are superconducting (explaining immortality), superfluid (explaining out of body experiences) and can be superposed on the normal matter of the body bio-suit.

The primary organs associated with these carriers of consciousness and the sensations that enter the consciousness are the lungs and the large intestine, the yin and the yang organs of the Metal element.

These non-local minerals of the earthly environment that feed the construction of the spirit vessel are associated with the 1st and 7th chakras.

The frequency of the crown chakra is 172 Hz, a frequency I found to attract ORMUS in my own research...

Emotion, Value and Meaning

The heart is the source of coherent signals like hope (at the top vortex of the heart chakra), love, and gratitude (from the bottom of the heart).

The heart receives signals from the future (trans-temporally) as demonstrated by studies showing slides selected by a random number generator.

The heart is 'emperor' of the emotions as its waveform is coherent, transcending time and space, while the emotions of the other elements, when the heart's fire is absent, become isolated in time and space.

Worry is a function of ruminating thoughts in the earth element, and fear is a function of the water element.

Both are stuck in a future reference mode.

Similarly anger, which is a liver resonance of the wood element, and sadness, which is of the metal element's lungs are both referential to the past.

The heart and its fire element of love are present in real time, but also transcend into the future as hope and the past as gratitude...


The Earth element is associated with thinking.

The associated chakra is the 5th or throat chakra, where thoughts are transduced into voice.

The dominant material function of the Earth element is digestion, since the major organs are the Spleen/Pancreas (yin) and Stomach (yang).

Digestion breaks down linear structures like proteins, allowing the cells to restructure the amino acids into new sequences to make enzymes and structural proteins as needed.

Similarly the function of thinking strings together the vocabulary of meaningful gestalts or words into functional sequences of thoughts or sentences according to the needs of the situation.

This represents the development of a linear or one dimensional string of ORMUS communication, not only with proteins such as microtubules (see ORC-OR model of consciousness), DNA and collagen (fiber optics).

Will and Memory

With the transition of thought into will, the soul taps into the future dimension in which choice is possible.

This represents a transition from a linear thought stream into a plane of possibilities.

The past is linear.

The present is a point.

The future is a plane.

The associated center in the spirit body is the 3rd chakra.

Memory is a function of those past choices... past acts of the will.

It is the soul's engagement with the journey that makes them memorable.

Imagery and Wisdom

The wood element brings in vision, which is our full 3D spatial data reference system.

This allows for cognition beyond simple binary choices of "right vs left" or "stop vs go"...

We enter the realm of imagination and creativity.

We also begin to touch into the realms of transformation and transcendence as well.

When we have chosen to make an act of the will, our vision is our feedback system that monitors and modifies our overt actions in order to make them effective and efficient...

Vision is the spatial database that allows movement to be effortless and accurately guided in time and space.

It centers in the 6th chakra, or 3rd eye.

This is also close to the location of the cyclopean eye of psychophysics, the part of the spiritual anatomy that actually projects our visual spatial experience.


The transpersonal space is the second part of our wood element's visual domain.

It centers in the second chakra.


With the crown or 7th chakra, we are completing the cycle of the elements.

The oroboros-like cycle is not only self-connected, but also potentially simultaneous.

The degree of simultaneity of the various functions of consciousness is a measure of their facility and efficiency, as well as their integration with each other.

This represents the highest degree of personal development in the training of visual and consciousness abilities.


Only with the grounding of the spiritual back into the earthly realm is the certainty of spiritual development made real and tangible...

This is associated with the root or 1st chakra.


Spirit: Consciousness, Coherence, Alchemy, Condensates, Macroscopic Quantum Dynamics, Non-locality, & Transdimensional Wormholes

The spirit vessel is the container, the immortal soul is the content, and consciousness is the trans-dimensional connections across both space and time that make up that consciousness.

The form of the communication within the spirit vessel is phonons.

That means quantum energy waves traveling at the speed of sound.

Both light and sound take this same form within the spirit.

This is my explanation for the binding problem of consciousness, which has been one of the great unsolved questions of science.

Condensates are the fundamental mineral carriers of consciousness in this model.

Condensates are known to be attracted to interfaces.

Interfaces present a form of coherence in their defined borders.

We can look at this phenomenon at multiple levels of dimensionality.

A phenol ring in chemistry, such as in the many botanical compounds we call bioflavonoids presents a central point in the ring which is well suited to attract a spirit mineral.

The ring acts as a planar Faraday cage to shield the central location against environmental oscillations.

Linear interfaces, or coherence zones are to be found in the alpha helix of proteins such as collagen, in the central core of water inside microtubules (associated with consciousness in the ORC-OR model), and in each helix of DNA through the pi electrons of the sugar bases.

Planar interfaces are found in fascial planes around organs and under the skin, as well as at every cellular, organelle and nuclear membrane.

The coherence of the cell membrane is most highly related to our organismic consciousness.

Anesthetics disturb that coherence.

To the degree that an anesthetic disrupts consciousness, it will have a higher partition coefficient in the lipid phase of those membranes.

Most anesthetics contain residues of the highly disruptive halogens, chlorine and fluorine.

Millions of hexagonally structured sheets of living water produce a 3 dimensional coherence zone volume inside and outside each healthy cell.

When the entire tissue is vibrant, these cellular zones coalesce, pushing any wastes out into the open-ended lymph vessels present in most tissues.

The energy stored in these aqueous coherence zones through charge separation is only limited by the volume of the individual coherence zone.

When the whole body is coherent, the power is enough to produce a visible glow mode plasma around the head, known as a halo.

In contrast, when the body is toxic, it is acidic, and lacks coherence.

In this state, not only is the body less able to attract and hold the spirit minerals from the air and the food, but the minerals themselves undergo transmutation ending in White Powder Gold dropping into metallic Mercury...

There is so much more to be unpacked in this Clinical Theory of Everything.

I hope you will join us and engage in the process...

I invite you to add your questions and comments to our ongoing dialog of exploration and discovery.

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