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Vitamin A: 

Vitamin A Synergy: Vitamin A is fat soluble so it builds up over time when supplemented. In some instances higher daily doses even into the hundreds of thousands of IU per day can be therapeutic, so if you and your health care practitioner feel you need a high dose for a short while, we formulated Vitamin A Synergy for you.

For typical Vitamin A needs, the lower potencies in other Functional Formulations will serve you well. These include:

B17 Synergy: for turning around depositional issues in Phase 1 terrain. For more about the Phases of Healing, see: 


Lipid Cleanse: for cleaning out lipid deposits including drusen in the eyes. 

Moisturize: for moisturizing dry eyes and other sensitive membranes.

NeurOmega: supplies DHA from algae, which is where fish ultimately source their oil. Being lower on the food chain makes it the cleanest source, and also suitable for vegans. We add a range of powerful oil-soluble vitamins and botanicals.

Night Vision: many people are not aware that reduced night vision is one of the earliest signs of macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness conventionally thought to be irreversible) in modern culture.

One Step: complete nutritional support.

Synergy C: the complete intracellular anti-oxidant network.

Zinc Synergy: a full range of zinc synergists for repleting low zinc levels, which you can test with our Zinc Taste Test.

Vitamin D Synergy: a full range of Vitamin D synergists to build up Vitamin D levels so they are not just clinically normal by conventional lab standards, but clinically effective which demands a higher level.

Vitamin B Complex: 

Many of our Functional Formulations™ include certain compounds in the B vitamin family. While only a handful of B vitamins are recognized as essential, over 20 compounds have been identified as members of the B complex family. We appreciate and utilize the health benefits of all of them, even those not officially credited with overt deficiency diseases... and we use them in their active state, like the phosphorylated coenzyme forms...

One Step: One Step is a complete nutrition powder, including all of the vitamins that are conventionally considered essential, as well as some of the others. We don't make this formula, but we helped to inspire it... And until we can make an even better formula, we will rely on this one... It can be used as a complete nutritional supplement including for needed weight gain, for protein sparing intermittent fasting support, or for long term fasting for food allergy identification...

The various B vitamins are utilized differently through the diurnal cycle, so we provide blends with ratios designed specifically for morning, afternoon and evening:

Rise & Shine: breakfast B complex, especially for low morning energy...

Vital Energy Be: lunch B complex, especially for low afternoon energy...

Sustain: dinner B complex, especially for low evening energy...

To stimulate B vitamin metabolism, we also make a sublingual liquid B complex remedy that can also be used as an oral spray to support stress reduction and enhance cellular utilization of B vitamins in oxidative metabolism:

Stamina Plus: Stamina Plus is a potentized liquid stress complex with the full range of B complex vitamins, vitamin C and synergistic botanicals.

Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C is included in dozens of our formulations, which you can peruse at this link on RemedyMatch.com.

Synergy C: supplies the full intracellular antioxidant network. Most of Vitamin C's important effects are in the intracellular compartment. As an anti-oxidant, Vitamin C does not act alone, but as an integral part of the intracellular antioxidant network... 

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D Synergy: supplies a full range of synergists along with Vitamin D. Vitamin D levels are becoming well recognized as a critical factor in health, with normal laboratory levels no longer considered clinically adequate. 

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is included in many of our Functional Formulations™ as a stimulus for specific healing pathways. 

Vitamin E Spectrum: supplies an optimum dose of the full Vitamin E complex, undiluted by any other oils. Unlike typical Vitamin E oil capsules, our undisturbed E complex is stable at room temperatures. Other E oils usually add soy oil, making them go rancid if left out of the refrigerator...

Vitamin F:

Essential Fatty Acids - EFAs (F is for Fat)

NeurOmega: supplies DHA, the primary Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid in the eye and the brain, along with other fat soluble ingredients. Most Omega 3 supplements source their oils from fish, which are high on the food chain, so the oils contain increasing amounts of heavy metals and other toxins, the larger and older the fish is. That makes it essential to fractionate and filter the oils to reduce the toxic load, while losing other critical components of the cell membrane, particularly ceramides that are needed in every cell membrane and for many other body structures and functions. That's why we source our Omega 3 oils from algae, which is their actual origin. Algae produce a high level of DHA compared to EPA, while fish convert much of the DHA to the EPA form for storage. Humans can only convert a small percentage of EPA back to the primary DHA form. Because algae is the origin of the oils at the very foundation of the food chain, we are also able to use the whole oil, including the phytoceramides that rejuvenate the skin, repair the myelin sheath, and regulate metabolism and cellular nourishment.

Vitamin K:

Bone Builder: Vitamin K is included as an essential nutrient in our bone building formula. 

Vitamin D Synergy: Vitamin K is synergistic with Vitamin D, so you can also find it in Vitamin D Synergy.

Vitamin P:

(P is for Polyphenols)

Vitamin P - Polyphenols: supplies dozens of the most therapeutic phytonutrients known... The P in Vitamin P stands for Polyphenols, also known as Bioflavonoids. This broad class of phytonutrients serve many functions. Besides their anti-oxidant properties based on their phenol ring structures which can readily absorb high energy photons, Polyphenols are also very active in supplying taste, smell and color to our foods based on each compound's unique interaction with the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Vitamin U:

The anti-ulcer vitamin (U is for Ulcer)

GI Repair - H. pylori Terrain Support: includes Vitamin U which was first identified in cabbage juice as a healing factor for the lining of the intestinal tract, with the "U" standing for ulcer. 

Moringa oleifera



Boron is included in our Vitamin D Synergy, and Bone Builder Functional Formulations™, as well as One Step.


Bone Builder: is our primary Calcium remedy designed to double Calcium absorption for the Calcium in the remedy and that in the diet at the same meal... 

There are also some selected Calcium sources in Connective Tissue Support, Dental Powder, GERD Guard, One Step, Vitamin D Synergy, not counting formulations that contain Calcium Pantothenate as the optimum form of Vitamin B5...


Glucose Tolerance: supplies Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromium along with many nutritional and botanical cofactors to assist with healthy function of the Isle of Langerhans cells concentrated in the tail of the Pancreas.

Magnesium Synergy and ATP Synergy also include GTF Chromium, which is the active coenzyme form of the mineral in which it is combined with Vitamin B3...


Vitamin B12 is the organically active coenzyme form of the mineral Cobalt. We include both active coenzyme forms of Vitamin B12 as catalysts in many of our formulations, including our three B complexes (see Vitamin section), our six Macular Wellness formulas, B17 Synergy, Bone Builder, SAMe Synergy, and Zinc Synergy.

Sublingual B12: Sublingual absorption bypasses the potential pernicious lack of production of the cofactor needed for absorption, the production of which is dependent on Vitamin B12. There are two active coenzyme forms, and we include both, but we emphasize the form used by the mitochondria because the other form is the key catalyst that methylates Mercury, one of the primary heavy metal toxins behind many chronic illnesses...


While Copper is essential, excess Copper promotes tissue damage, so most of our formulations do not include it. If you know you need more Copper, that is when you should consider supplementing it. Copper works in ratio with Zinc, so if you supplement Zinc at a high level over a long period of time, it is also advisable to consider including some Copper in the program to prevent a relative deficiency. Some Copper is included for its essential functions in Crystalline ClarityDHT BlockerLipid Cleanse, and One Step.

Copper Synergy: supplies a full spectrum of synergists along with bioavailable organic Copper.


Geranium is a highly electronegative mineral. We use it topically in pure metallic buttons to supply a source of negative electrical potential that doesn't need a battery or recharging to stimulate acupuncture points...

Germanium can also be used orally in a special nutritional form for special needs like after radiation exposure...


Molecular Hydrogen: the perfect anti-oxidant, is produced by the water systems we recommend, from a portable water bottle, to systems that install at your kitchen sink...


Iron is essential, but people with low Iron levels live longer than those with average or high levels. That is why we don't include Iron in many of our formulations. If you know you are specifically deficient in Iron, that is the time to consider supplementing it with a well-absorbed form. Most supplemental forms are not well absorbed and can wind up causing constipation...

Iron Out: helps to remove excess iron from the body tissues.

Iron Synergy: supports normalizing low Iron levels with the most bioavailable form plus full synergists.


Magnesium is an essential macromineral and acts as a cofactor for some 500 enzymes. Various special forms of Magnesium are included in dozens of our Functional Formulations™ here. Since the advent of NPK fertilizer, most of the Magnesium that was once found in our foods has been depleted because it is no longer added to the soil... That means most of us are deficient in Magnesium. It can take 3 to 6 months to rebuild good Magnesium levels... For specific Magnesium repletion, consider:

Magnesium Synergy: includes a whole spectrum of therapeutic forms of Magnesium, transporting this key mineral to many important areas including the interior of the cell, and into the central nervous system, unlike many common Magnesium supplements.

Neuro Magnesium: a delicious drink mix which emphasizes Magnesium Threonate, which is the only form of Magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier...


Manganese is included in several Functional Formulations™: B17 SynergyBone BuilderGlucose Tolerance, and One Step. Manganese is used in Oligo Element trace mineral therapy in European Biological Medicine as a catalyst for detoxification in Phase 4: Cleansing terrain... It is also used in combination with Copper in Phase 3, and in combination with Cobalt in Phase 2 terrain... Manganese absorption is particularly affected by Glyphosate (Roundup), and the reduced bioavailability of Manganese in turn hampers detoxification of the toxin.


Molybdenum Synergy: supplies Molybdenum with a full range of synergists.

Molybdenum is also included in One Step, Sulfur Synergy and Thyroid Synergy.


Amino acids are nitrogen containing compounds. The make up peptides, structural proteins and enzymes... Some are also sulfur bearing, like the amino acids Cysteine, and Methionine, and their powerful therapeutic forms N-Acetyl Cysteine and S-Adenosyl Methionine... Glutathione is a sulfur-bearing tripeptide. There are also amines that are not built up into our proteome, like the relaxing compound L-Theanine from green tea. We supply the spectrum of essential amino acids in ready to absorb form from white fish in Seacure Synergy, from soy in One Step, and also from goat whey, and peas.


Oxygen Cleanse: releases Oxygen in the intestinal tract to sweeten and cleanse the terrain. Most pathogens do not like Oxygen, and most probiotics along with our own cells do like Oxygen...

Ozonated Olive Oil: delivers topical ozone.

LiveO2: supports oxygenation of the tissues with "exercise with oxygen" therapy and even more advanced adaptive contrast which is more effective than hyperbaric oxygen... Let us know when you are ready to learn more... 


ATP Synergy: supplies cofactors to support ATP synthesis. ATP stores sunlight energy in high energy phosphate bonds for use in cellular function.

Magnesium Synergy: also includes ATP as a stimulus for cellular energy metabolism for which Magnesium is an essential coenzyme.


The primary source for your potassium comes from eating lots of plant source foods. 

Bicarbonate Blend: provides alkalizing support with a balance ratio of Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium...

Dental Powder: provides broad spectrum support for dental and oral health, and includes our Bicarbonate Blend.

Dental Regen Powder: supplies support for remineralization of the teeth, and includes our Bicarbonate Blend.

Neuroprotect: supports maintenance of healthy central nervous system functions against the stress of excitotoxins found in most chronic neurodegenerative conditions. The Potassium is included as a cationic carrier for Iodine...

Sulfur Synergy: supplies a wide range of key sulfur-bearing therapeutic compounds along with synergists... The Potassium is included in coordination with D-Glucosamine Sulfate.


Selenium is a particularly important trace mineral. We exclusively use Methylselenocysteine (MSC) as the most clinically effective form. MSC is included in many of our formulations including: AngiogenX, B17 Synergy, Bone Builder, Breast Support, Crystalline Clarity, DHT Blocker, Fibrolysis Factors, GI Repair, Glucoraphanin Synergy, Glutathione Synergy, Heart Health, Lipid Cleanse, Liver Support, MigraFree, One Step, Prostate Protect, SAMe Synergy, Sulfur Synergy, Thyroid Support, and Vitamin D Synergy.


We use nutritional Silica from bamboo in several remedies for its connective tissue benefits:

Bone Builder: support Calcium absorption as well as regeneration and repair of the bones.

Connective Tissue Support: supplies nutrients recommended for autoimmune challenges to the connective tissue.

DHT Blocker: typically used for either hair loss or prostate issues.

Dental Powder: supplies a broad spectrum of support for dental and oral health, with a great taste and benefits from swallowing rather than spitting. Perfect combination with our special wicking toothbrushes...

Perfect Skin: supports health and rejuvenation of the largest and most visible organ... with visible results typically in 1 to 3 months. It takes 1 month for newly formed cells to reach the surface...


We use Silver extensively in our Mithreal™ Silver EMF protective clothing and other shielding against the stress of electromagnetic radiation. You can see the options here.

We use ionic Silver in our eye drop formulations such as OcuHeal.

High potency silver solutions are available in dropper or spray forms.

Silver is also a Spirit Mineral that makes up part of the immortal conscious body, so it is available in that form as well, including in some of our Holy Grail formulations and in Terrain Restore.


Glucoraphanin Synergy: is based on a sulfur bearing compound from the cruciferous vegetable family...

Glutathione Synergy: Glutathione (GSH) is one of the most important forms of organic sulfur. It is needed both for protection against oxidation by Glutathione Peroxidase, as well as for cellular detoxification, for example, of Mercury... Degenerative tissues are typically very depleted in Glutathione. In addition to supplying reduced Glutathione, we include precursors and synergist that increase cellular production of GSH, as well as S-Acetyl-Glutathione that releases pre-formed GSH when it reaches the inside of the cell.

MSM: a form of organic sulfur that is convenient for optimum dosing of about a half teaspoon three times a day for a typical adult of 150 pounds...

Rescue: a delicious blue Phytochromotherapy drink, Rescue is a perfect botanical and nutritional complement to Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy for fast relief and comfort.

SAMe Synergy: Methionine is a sulfur bearing amino acid, so that applies to its SAMe form that is know for supporting cartilage regeneration, restoration of liver health, and mood elevation...

Sulfur Synergy: many important organic sulfur-bearing compounds combined with synergists.


Thermogenesis: includes Vanadium and many other remarkably effective synergists, without the stimulant effect of Caffeine that most thermogenic products rely on...


Zinc is included in many of our Functional Formulations™ including our OcuHeal and other eye drops, as well as AngiogenXApoptogenesisB17 SynergyBlue ShieldBone BuilderCrystalline ClarityDHT Blocker

EnergessenceGlucose ToleranceGlutathione SynergyLens-ZymeLipid CleanseMagnesium SynergyMoisturizeNeuroceramidesNight VisionOne StepPMS ReliefProstate ProtectPSC ProtectSerene Blue GreenShields Up - Cold/Flu FormulaSpike ShieldThyroid Support, and Vagus Nerve Support.

Zinc Synergy: supports rapid repletion of Zinc along with its many synergists.

Zinc Taste Test: liquid monitors Zinc level, and can also be used to increase Zinc levels quickly


Fiber & Flora:

Most disease begins in the gut...

Since the advent of industrial food production, we have become woefully lacking in dietary fiber, and our microbiome has also suffered tremendously from synthetic toxins from pesticides to antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals...


Microbiome: supplies 25 probiotic species of beneficial gut flora to help restore a broad spectrum intestinal microbiome, along with synergists. 

Sinus Terrain: nasal spray supports restored integrity of the sinus mucosa linings.

Terrain Restore: oral drops to heal leaky gut and reduce inflammation by sealing the tight junctions between cells in the mucosa of the gut. Cascading benefits include healing the endothelium of the vascular system, sealing leaks in the kidney's microtubules, and restoring the integrity of the blood brain barrier.

Transform: multiple species of soil based organisms, including organisms that produce PQQ, one of the few compounds that stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis...


Binder Complex: fibers and other effective binders to ensure that the full range of toxins in the gut are eliminated with the stool, not reabsorbed in the colon to be processed over and over by the liver... Break the cycle of toxicity!

Chelation: nano sized particles of fiber that bind the full range of toxins in the blood stream, plus other chelators and synergists.

Fiber Cleanse: a range of fibers and synergists to cleanse the intestinal tract.

GasEx: for reduction of lower bowel gas and adsorption by high surface area particles.

Soothe: fibers and synergists to soothe an irritated GI system, while easing bowel function and supporting healthy peristalsis...



All real food and medicine ultimately comes from plants, which obtain carbon, oxygen and nitrogen from the air, hydrogen and oxygen from water, other minerals from the soil, and light from the sun...

About a third of pharmaceuticals are derived from botanicals, while the others are mainly produced from petroleum which was first used as an unrefined medicine called Rock Oil in competition with Snake Oil in the 1800's. Petroleum is theorized to originate from plants that have been dead and buried for millions of years... 

We draw from our collection of the most concentrated extracts of hundreds of botanicals from six continents to produce our Functional Formulations in combination with Vitamins, Minerals and other accessory nutrients and catalysts...

In just a few generations, we have lost most of our heirloom food varieties, and the hybrids that produce most of our food have been bred to stop producing most of their medicinal phytochemicals... Meanwhile our farmland soils have been depleted of most of their topsoil and mineral content. Our food has been refined and processed, losing much of its already low nutrient value, losing most of its dietary fiber, and adding over 70,000 new environmental chemicals in the air, water, and food supplies. Toxins require even more of specific nutrients needed to detoxify them... so the result is chronic toxicity and deficiency states leading to illness and unhealthy aging. More than ever, we all need access to the healing herbs all of our ancestors relied on when their health was in jeopardy...

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