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What else is different?

Sacraments are special in every way...

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Biophotonic Bottles:

We use deep violet glass bottles made of extra thick biophotonic glass from Belgium to maintain the potency of your remedies longer than other bottles.

Moringa oleifera

Moisture Absorbers:

Our moisture absorbers include a non-toxic indicator that changes from yellow to green as they begin absorbing moisture.

When they turn green, you know they have been protecting the integrity of your remedy, but they are not done...

They continue absorbing more moisture even after they have turned a dark green color.



All of our labels our individually designed by our formulator, Dr. Glen Swartwout, the Wizard of Wellness to add meaning to each remedy's unique healing mission...



Capsules without anything bad...

Capsules with conscience.

No Gelatin:

We avoid gelatin to avoid Glyphosate that may substitute for Glycine

No Phthalates:

Phthalates are plasticizers that destroy the immune system, and are used by most enteric supplements and drugs.

Our clear capsules are Enteric veggie caps, and they contain no phthalates...

No Artificial Colors: 

How do we color our capsules?

For our Green capsules, we use Chlorophyll.

For our Orange gel caps we use Curcumin.

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Accelerated Self Healing

Learn how to guide your healing process so you can recover lost functions, reverse aging effects, and maximize longevity and quality of life. Our Clinical Theory of Everything is your roadmap to recovery of radiant health and wellness... 

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