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Are Your Remedies Energetically Correct?

Our bodies are designed to respond to the frequencies found in nature...

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Functional Formulations:

Synergy C

Synergy C supplies the complete intracellular antioxidant complex. It is formulated to increase absorption at the intestinal mucosa and the cell membrane. Increased intracellular levels are sustained longer, and transport Magnesium into the cell where it is desirable, compared to Ester C which uses Calcium, an intracellular stressor. Synergy C is also designed to further increase uptake into cells of the immune system. Fat soluble Vitamin C serves as a longer term reservoir of Vitamin C while protecting the cell membrane. The other intracellular antioxidants also refresh each other when they are needed. And like all of our remedies, Synergy C is free of excipients like Stearates that form a biofilm that reduces nutrient absorption. On the contrary, we include our unique Fibonacci sequence of ingredients designed to increase bioavailability and cellular delivery.

Sleep Synergy

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping... Hopefully... When we don't life is not so great! Sleep Synergy provides a broad range of nutritional and botanical factors to help relax the mind and nervous system, while supporting production of Melatonin by the Pineal gland. One key factor we leave out of our formula that is found in most other herbal sleep remedies is Valerian. Why? Because 40% of people have the opposite effect with Valerian. Is it any wonder so many people have tried a natural sleep support remedy and found it didn't work for them? Sleep Synergy uses a minimum dose of a half milligram of Melatonin, but when you need a stronger dose, look next to Brain Cleanse with 20 mg of Melatonin to stimulate the Glymphatic drainage system of the central nervous system. Sleep Synergy can be used not only at bedtime, but also if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night...


The Microbiome is the probiotic microflora of our bodies. Most probiotic supplements supply just a few species, or even just a single strain. Just as in agriculture, monocultures are not the most stable or viable ecosystems. We include 25 different species of flora in Microbiome. The beauty of diversity in gut flora is that each species specializes in a particular niche, so whatever the conditions are in different locations throughout your gut, you are more likely to find a match with a species that can supply the right enzymes to colonize and detoxify that area. The Microbiome is often referred to as the second immune system, but from a gut perspective, it could be thought of as the first immune system, since it is the first line of defense in the gut lumen, while 80% of immune cells are the next cell layer beneath the cells of the intestinal mucosa. The Microbiome produces enzymes that aid digestion, while also producing bulk to support healthy parastalsis, and even makes B vitamins in the gut.


Did you know that fish oil ultimately comes from algae? The higher on the food chain you source your oil, the more it tends to concentrate heavy metals and other toxins, so we source our Omega 3 oil, high in DHA, directly from algae. We also keep the whole algae oil intact, so it also supplies key factors like Phytoceramides that restore youthful skin and cell membrane function. We also add other fat soluble nutrients to the whole oil base. As with our other remedies, we avoid the use of gelatin in the capsules, as there is concern that glyphosate may get incorporated in place of glycine...

Binder Complex

Our Binder Complex combines a spectrum of binders and other factors to support detoxification of the gut. Toxins excreted by the liver via the bile can be reabsorbed in the colon along with water reabsorbed from the stool. Those toxins enter the portal blood supply and are returned to the liver, where they must be eliminated over and over again, adding critical stress to our largest internal organ, the liver. Key toxins absorbed and eliminated in the stool with the Binder Complex include: Heavy Metals, Petrochemicals, Mold Toxins and Radioactive Particles.

Nous Energy

Nous is the substrate of consciousness, from the same root as Nootropic. Our Nous Energy formulation combines multiple prime botanical sources of the Spirit Minerals that nourish the immortal conscious body. These minerals are condensates of the transition minerals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Rhodium, Iridium, and Platinum. They are also known as ORMUS, M-State Minerals and White Powder Gold, and many terms from traditional cultures around the globe. We also include concentrated ORMUS from top modern Alchemists.

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